Seen in movies and video games, an EMP or electromagnetic pulse is often believed to be a fictitious weapon. Although the majority of the United States is unaware of what an EMP is, this threat is actually very real. As this threat has been realized by the government, the effects of an EMP have started to be studied. The Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico have created  a ElectroMagnetic Environment Simulator to test the effects of an EMP on common electronics.

EMP’s are actually so dangerous to national defense that the United States Air Force has created the Electromagnetic Defense Task Force (EDTF). The impact of an EMP would be detrimental to the United States critical infrastructure. In an effort to protect the United States, the EDTF has produced a 2018 report outlining the effect an EMP would have should an attack occur. To download the in-depth report, click on the image or click here. We are interested to hear your thoughts on the report so, be sure to post below in the comments. 

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Tested at the Keystone Compliance Facility using DOD approved EMP testing devices similar to the EMP environmental simulator at Sandia Laboratories, EMP Shield has developed the worlds first whole-home EMP defense technology. This technology has been proven through a federally approved testing facility to withstand over 40x EMP strikes without degradation to the device.

to learn more about ElectroMagnetic Environment Simulator and the impacts of an EMP caused by a high altitude nuclear blast, check out some great other articles below.

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Electromagnetic Pulse Attacks Could Cripple Nations Around the World!

“Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”
The threat of an Electromagnetic Pulse attack is not a thing of fiction, in fact it is not a matter of if, but when this technology will be used as a devastating weapon of war. Even before the now infamous quote by J. Robert Oppenheimer, mankind has sought out ever increasingly effective ways of conquering one another.

Protecting Your Alternative Energy Investments with EMP Shield

Homes with self-sustaining energy sources as part of their structure, or homes referred to as “net zero” homes, are quickly becoming more and more popular in the world today. These homes generate all the energy needed to comfortably maintain a stable environment for the residents, and sometimes even generate more energy than will be needed with a combination of solar, wind and even geothermal power sources. Lowering monthly energy bills, not having to rely on an aging power grid and saving the environment make this way of running homes seem like a no brainer.

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